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Learning. It’s the #1 reason employees stay and develop. With Trakstar Learn, you can provide ongoing learning to employees using our LMS.

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Prioritize employee learning management

Invest in and retain your best employees by utilizing training, upskilling, and onboarding with our LMS platform. Scalable to fit workforces of any size, learning materials of all complexities, and online course libraries, Trakstar Learn makes learning management easier.

Whether you are new to elearning or looking to make a switch to a new platform, Trakstar is the LMS for your workforce. We’ll help you build a system that works to help you meet your employee training, retention, course content creation, gamification, and education initiatives goals. Schedule a demo today to learn more.

Upskill Your Teams

With Trakstar Learn, you can build and distribute modern multimedia learning content to your employees, proving your investment in them and their futures. Use modules and learning experience to keep workers happy and reduce churn. Online learning allows your employees to work at their own speed, use apps to work in small pockets of downtime, and earn certifications to improve their careers.

Because upskilling the great people you have is the best investment of all.

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Upskill Your TeamsUpskill Your Teams

Provide Learning for All

You found top talent. Now provide them with opportunities to learn, made easy with Learn’s Auto-Enrollment in courses. With our LMS, you can design organization-wide courses or specific learning paths. Learn fits into your learning goals and initiatives, not the other way around. You can adjust our training materials, templates, notifications, and more from within the learning management system.

Avoid the costly mistake of losing in-house expertise to attrition by taking intentional action to advance learning, create better learning materials, friendly training courses for mobile devices and remote workers, user-friendly courses that increase engagement, and access to auto-enrolled training programs to help new employees use the LMS.

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Provide Learning for AllProvide Learning for All

Ensure Understanding of Your Content

You can ensure the knowledge you wish to share is received as intended — using fun quizzes and assessments in Learn to engage the learner. Our authoring tool gives you full freedom to be as creative as you want with your learning platform and environment. Build multi-media courses, assign quizzes, attach additional course materials, and meet your learning goals with Learn.

With our software, you won’t have to worry about functionality. Intuitive and self-driven, our learning environment is built for learners of all technical skills.

Train Better with Quizzes and Assessments

Ensure Understanding of Your ContentEnsure Understanding of Your Content

Analytics and Compliance

Whether you need to document compliance or see progress, Learn’s reports will inform you on the state of training so you can feel good about what they know. See your compliance and analytics related to training, SCORM, social learning, and so much more.

Use our LMS software to reach certifications, assign workforce-wide training, and track learner progress to ensure compliance across the board and eliminate some of the tracking issues facing traditional online training.

Learning Management Reports and Analytics

Analytics and ComplianceAnalytics and Compliance

Insights About Your Digital Learning

With Insights for Trakstar Learn, gain a deeper understanding of your learning initiatives, learning tools, real-time compliance, results, and more. This built-in dashboard integrates right into our LMS platform for talent development.

Insights makes it easier to report on your results, identify problem areas, and prove the work you are putting into training and development.

Insights About Your Digital LearningInsights About Your Digital Learning

At Trakstar, We Prioritize Employee Training & Learning, Too

It’s important to practice what you preach. In order to be the best learning management system, you need to use it yourself. We train all of our employees using our LMS. This helps us to build better courses, LMS features, and learning content for our customers.

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