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Performance Feedback Tools

Do you wish you had performance feedback tools in place to ensure that your employees received broader, fairer feedback during performance reviews?  Trakstar is the leading employee appraisal solution that simplifies and automates management tasks with cloud-based employee performance feedback software to support improved performance and ongoing career development. Request a demo to learn more.

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Foster Employee Engagement and More!

From the Deloitte Review Issue 16, Deloitte outlined 20 engagement factors companies need to consider and excel at to keep employees engaged. And it seems that most organizations are starting from a place of weakness as Gallup found in 2014 that only 13% of all employees are “highly engaged” and 26% are “actively disengaged.” So how can executives change that culture dilemma? Trakstar helps align individual goals with organizational goals with real-time tracking, use data to find areas of strength and development, and motivate and retain top performers. Our easy to read, data-driven reports, allow for the detection of real-time performance issues before they go unnoticed and the potential to locate your high performers for further development.

Trakstar Features

Trakstar’s feedback tools encourage a company culture of engaged, happy employees with features that include:

  • Performance Reviews – automated performance reviews, so your managers focus on employee development and reaching business goals by communicating clear objectives with easy to set schedules and automated email notifications to keep people on track
  • 360-Degree Feedback – automated real-time feedback comes from anyone within the organization or managers can send a request to someone outside of the organization like a vendor or partner
  • Goal Setting – automated goal setting and tracking online so managers can set and cascade company or department goals while employees can focus on and track their day to day contributions

Trakstar Performance Management Software helps improve communication skills with flexible performance review forms, automated reminder emails, online surveys, note-taking with time stamp, and journaling to help facilitate meaningful feedback between managers and employee. With Trakstar, you can track your employees’ performance and develop strategies for them to improve, stay engaged, and most importantly, want to come to work because they are happy. Change your company culture and request your free demo today.

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