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Trakstar is the leading cloud-based talent management system that helps enhance communication and documentation between employees and managers so that you can attract, identify, and keep talented employees. 

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Key Features of Trakstar

Trakstar’s intuitive, automated process helps set your teams up for success by simplifying, automating, and seamlessly integrating performance reviews, 360-degree feedback, goal setting, succession planning, and applicant tracking. We help employees reach their full potential with an emphasis on goal-setting, and keep company leadership informed of employee performance in real-time with modern shared tracking tools. Appraisal data can be used to identify high or low performing employees, flight-risks, or underutilized employees.


Used by thousands of companies worldwide, Trakstar makes Human Resource best-practices with talent management systems accessible to companies of all sizes. Support your employee’s day-to-day work and overall career development with talent management software that includes these key features:


  • Better oversight with real-time insight into talent data and metrics with visually appealing and intuitive dashboards
  • Compensation management to reward the best talent who qualified for a raise or bonus
  • Comments/notes with a time-stamp which are easily accessible for annual reviews
  • Performance appraisal archive to assist with professional development
  • Individual Goal Setting ability with totally flexible forms



Trakstar talent management solutions help organizations and Human Resource executives support employees and make smarter, more strategic decisions. Request your demo today of our HR software to see how Trakstar can improve your talent management and help your company grow.

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The Industry's Leading Talent Development Platform for HR

Trakstar supercharges employee performance around pivotal moments in talent development. Remove your manual processes with our innovative software and world-class support. Make smarter decisions to attract, retain, and engage your workforce.

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