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In the past, performance appraisals have lagged to such an extent that they’re no longer relevant. Months after the designated time period has lapsed managers deliver feedback to employees on projects or objectives that have been completed. Wouldn’t it make more sense to stay on top of the appraisal process with real-time feedback? Enter, Trakstar.

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Focus on Employee Development with Trakstar

Trakstar’s innovative performance management system helps place the focus on employee development and achieving business objectives. The flexible and easy-to-use software takes Human Resources appraisals into the twenty-first century with:

  • Easily set schedules and automated email notifications to keep employees on track
  • Reports that reveal performance issues in the early stages
  • Real-time and continuous feedback
  • Feedback from internal and external raters with only an email address with our game-changing 360-Degree Feedback

Set and Cascade Goals

Trakstar’s cloud-based performance appraisal software allows managers to set and cascade goals so that everyone can get on the same page. Employees can see how they are contributing to the bigger picture, making them feel invested in the company. To find out more about how the right HR appraisal software can boost employee performance, help with goal achievement, and drive success across the company. Request your free demo of Trakstar today!

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Trakstar's performance management software is the best way to implement a fair system for the performance review process if you are looking to attract, identify, and keep talented employees. Request your free live demo of Trakstar today and experience a better way to do performance management.

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