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Make data driven decisions based on employee performance and potential

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Identify and Develop Top Talent with Succession Planning

Trakstar 9-Box Grid Succession Planning

9-Box Grid Reporting

See your entire workforce or segment by department in a 9-Box Grid report to uncover where your workforce lands from Top Talent to Underperformers.

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Hidden Competency Ratings

Get insights into employees and managers key competencies around Potential through scores given in a hidden section, discreetly collected without sharing any sensitive information.

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Score Potential
Ability Aspiration and Engagement

Unbiased Data Collection

With real, unbiased scores being collected through performance reviews and check ins, you can be sure the 9-Box Grid will present you with an accurate picture.

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Merit Pay

Compensation Recommendations

NEW! Streamline your process for merit based increases or compensation recommendations using hidden sections on employee performance reviews and approval workflows.

Performance Driven Compensation »

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Performance Management Solution

Take a modern approach to performance management and help every one of your employees meet their full potential. Set role-specific goals, provide real-time feedback, and conduct performance reviews.

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Engagement Survey Solution

Research shows that employees are happier and more engaged when asked to provide feedback. Utilize opinion polls, pulse surveys, and 1:1 check in templates to understand employee sentiment and get actionable insights to improve employee retention.

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