The Importance of Adding Continuous Feedback to Your Online Employee Assessment Tool

Posted by Renee • February 18, 2016 (Last modified July 29, 2018) • 1 min read

In order to be useful, performance feedback should be an ongoing habit and documented in an online employee assessment tool. It should be provided on a constant, year-round basis — not only during the annual performance appraisal. While it may seem like an added responsibility, continuous assessment throughout the year will actually make the manager’s job easier. When appraisal time comes, it’s sometimes hard to remember what happened beyond a month or two ago, but using a performance management software will allow the manager to refer to that feedback, which will help in completing the appraisal.

With continuous feedback, it is important to address strengths and successes as well as weaknesses and deficiencies. Giving feedback on good and poor performance will help the company and the employee grow. Continuous evaluation will assist your employees in reaching their goals, achieving optimal performance and also help teach them new skills. You can also use it to communicate about and correct performance weaknesses. Regular, informal observation can just be a quick update to check in on progress, give any other feedback, or quickly address problems.

Using an online employee assessment tool for continuous feedback keeps the employee and manager on the same page. Continual feedback can increase quality of work, productivity, and initiative. It can also improve employees’ motivation, which may increase creativity and innovation in problem solving. Effective feedback and coaching can prevent problems from arising. Providing feedback is an integral part of performance development.

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