Build an upskilling program that improves retention

Using Trakstar Learn, build training programs around specific skill sets to create career paths for your best performers.

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Improve your employee's current skills with best-in-class training programs

Our LMS platform allows you to easily train, upskill, and reskill your best employees. Scalable to fit workforces of all sizes, learning materials of all complexity, and online course libraries, Trakstar Learn simplifies learning management and promotes continuous learning to fill the skills gap, understand new technologies, and bolster employee engagement.

Improve Employee Retention with Upskilling

With Trakstar Learn, you can build and distribute modern multimedia learning content to your employees, proving your investment in them and future-proofing your workforce. Modules and learning experiences keep employees happy and improve employee retention. With online learning, employees can work at their own pace, use machine learning at their own pace, and earn certifications to advance their careers.

The future of work requires companies to build a workforce of learners who have not only the technical skills, but the soft skills and desire for continuous learning. Get started today.

Improve Employee Retention with UpskillingImprove Employee Retention with Upskilling

Identify Core Competencies and New Skills

Learn’s Auto-Enrollment in courses makes it easy to provide top talent with self-driven learning opportunities and skills development. Our LMS lets you design organization-wide courses or specific learning paths for a new role, in-demand skills, or just to increase organizational intelligence

From our learning management system, you can customize your training materials, templates, notifications, and more to fit your learning goals and initiatives, not the other way around. We make upskilling employees easier by providing metrics and analytics around your courses, making identifying what’s working and what isn’t easier.

Identify Core Competencies and New SkillsIdentify Core Competencies and New Skills

Monitor Course Effectiveness with Reporting & Metrics

Learn helps you ensure the knowledge you share is received as intended by engaging your learners with fun quizzes and assessments. Our authoring tool allows you to be as creative as you want with your learning platform and environment. You can create multi-media courses, assign quizzes, attach additional course materials from providers, and meet your learning goals using Learn’s high-quality software.

Intuitive and self-driven, our learning environment is designed for all levels of technical proficiency – whether you’re training an entire workforce or a single role.

Monitor Course Effectiveness with Reporting & MetricsMonitor Course Effectiveness with Reporting & Metrics

At Trakstar, We Prioritize Learning and Development Too

Career development is one of the primary reasons why employees stay. To be the best learning management system, you must use it yourself. All of our employees are trained on our LMS. This allows us to build better courses, LMS features, and learning content for our customers. Our employee development program is strong because we use all our own programs.

Our teams have benefited from the automation of auto-enrolling, the transfer of digital skills from one team to another through courses, and even in explaining our work environment and culture to new hires during onboarding.

At Trakstar, We Prioritize Learning and Development TooAt Trakstar, We Prioritize Learning and Development Too

Whether your workforce is growing or you need to refine your employees’ skills, Trakstar is the LMS for your upskilling program. To learn more about how we can help you build a development programs that help you reach your employee training, retention, course content creation, gamification, and education initiatives goals within your existing workforce, request a demo today.

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