Trakstar Hire Announces New Zoom Integration

Posted by Hannah • August 19, 2021 (Last modified June 14, 2022) • 2 min read

New: Save Time with Trakstar Hire’s Zoom Integration

It’s a candidate’s market right now in hiring and recruiting and we know that speed matters in attracting and hiring the best. That’s why we’ve set out to trim off hours, minutes, or seconds from your hiring processes and workflows wherever possible to streamline communication and get you hiring the best candidates out there.

Today, we’re excited to announce a more streamlined solution for your video interviews with our newest Zoom integration release.

Communication, streamlined

Trakstar Hire’s newest Zoom integration seamlessly generates unique Zoom meeting IDs for your interview invitations. Where you would have previously needed to create a Zoom meeting outside of Trakstar Hire and copy/paste that link into your candidate communication, now you do it all within Hire and with only a few clicks.

Getting started with this Zoom integration is easy. Simply click Connected Applications in Personal Settings and then Connect to your Zoom Account. (Note: This integration works with free Zoom accounts as well as paid accounts.)

Once you’ve input your Zoom login details to successfully connect your account, select “Zoom Meeting” as the interview Type/Medium for a candidate and a unique Zoom meeting ID will auto-generate once the meeting is confirmed. That Zoom meeting information will then be included in the candidate communication for that interview.


As an added benefit, you’ll also see this information in the “Meetings” tab of your Zoom account. Need to make updates? Those will update in both Trakstar Hire and your Zoom meetings list as well.

Get started with Trakstar Hire’s Zoom integration

Trakstar is dedicated to continued innovation in talent management. Since creating the Trakstar platform that connects Hire to our other products, Learn and Perform, we’re not slowing down in adding value for our customers. Through the Trakstar feedback portal, we’re learning more everyday about what makes great software and this Zoom integration enhancement is just one more way we’re making your life easier.

By enabling this integration and inputting your Zoom login details, you’ll save time and ensure that all of your interviews are getting an accurate meeting ID that’s unique to them.

Instead of spending time copying and pasting information from one tool to another, you and your recruiters can now focus on the candidate communication and speed that will make a difference in finding your next best hire.

Already a customer of Trakstar Hire and want to get started? Check out a more detailed implementation guide here, on our support site.

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