20 Home Office Ideas for HR Leaders

Posted by Trakstar • March 14, 2023 • 9 min read

Working in your home office can seem like a dream – or a nightmare. If you work remotely or in a hybrid environment, your home office can make or break your productivity, focus, and results.
If you are setting up your home office, moving spaces, or just feeling like you need a revamp, we have 20 home office ideas for HR leaders that you need to hear.

20 Home Office Ideas You Need As An HR Leader

The things that HR leaders need in their offices may not seem too different from what other people need, until you look just a little bit closer. HR leaders wear so many different hats that their home offices need to be functional for day-to-day use but also filled with things you may need for moments of crisis.

MVP: A Great Home Office Desk

Let’s be honest: the most critical part of your home office is the desk. A goods desk will help you get work done, stay comfortable, and keep organized. There are plenty of options out there, but we have a few suggestions when looking for a home office desk for an HR leader:

  • Prioritize space! You may need additional monitors, a place to fill out paperwork, or even a place for office supplies.
  • Adaptability is the name of the game – a desk that goes from sitting to standing or with a pullout section for more writing space is extremely helpful.
  • Cord management: it’s important. How will you organize all the cords you use for chargers? (more on that in a bit)
  • Durability: scratches, peeling paint, and just discoloration can ruin the overall feel of your home office. 

Don’t settle for a card table or something that won’t make you feel your best. Start with the desk, then build the rest of your office.

Clutch: A Good Home Office Chair

A good home office chair is just as important as a great home office desk. Why? Chairs can be uncomfortable and ruin your day. If there is one piece of your office that you go to the store to try out first, make it your chair. You want to feel supported but not too comfortable. It should be professional enough looking that you can take meetings, but it doesn’t have to be a traditional office chair if those aren’t comfortable for you.

Think about the material you want for your office chair, the floor under it (you might not want wheels on a carpeted floor), the arm height, and the space you have. A big comfortable chair is fun, but not if your space is tight.

Dealer’s Choice: Home Office Furniture

Ideally, your desk and chair are just some of the pieces of furniture in your home office. Home office furniture will vary depending on a lot of things: what you do, how you work best, and what you need to complete your job. 

There’s room for opportunity here! You need to think about functional furniture, like maybe you want a sofa to sit on for comfort or a locking drawer for employee files. Consider adding furniture for storing other items in your home that will end up in your office anyway, like cleaning supplies, holiday decorations, or out-of-season clothing.

Mapping Your Home Office Setup

Before you redecorate or renovate your home office, map out your ideal home office setup. You can measure the room and do it by hand on paper or download an app that will help you visualize everything.

Some furniture websites will have tools that allow you to simulate what your home office furniture would look like in your space. You can also empty the room and use pieces of paper or even painter’s tape to map everything out how you want it.

Hold It All: Home Office Shelving

Shelving is another important piece of home office furniture that people forget. Home office shelving can be used for practical purposes, like holding important documents, keeping your office supplies organized, or even displaying your credentials if need be. You can also use your home office shelving to spice up your decorations. Put plants, books, pictures, or knick-knacks there that show off your personality.

Professional Development Materials

Is professional development a priority for you? If it is, you may want to keep some of your materials in your home office. Books, guides, tools, and more can all be used as decor and functional items.

This will make your home office feel more professional and put you in the right mind space to work.

Home Office Decor

Home office decor is a necessity. Give your space a little bit of personality with some touches that you might not have in your office space. For example, you can add:

  • A neon sign
  • Posters from your favorite movies
  • Collectible figurines
  • Fresh flowers
  • Homemade crafts

The possibilities are limitless! Remember that the more you personalize your space, the happier you will be in it.

This One Won’t Jam: A Good Printer

Finding the best home office printer shouldn’t be hard – there are plenty of options. A printer is a must-have in any HR leader’s home office because there are times you’ll want to print things out for proofing, to send to an employee, or just to help you look at something in a new way.

Working on a computer is fantastic, but having a printer on hand is always a good idea – you’ll probably have reasons to use it outside of your home as well.

Small Home Office Ideas

What do you do if your home office space is minimal? Make sure that everything has at least two purposes. Prioritize light, free space to move around, and your background for video chats. Your office doesn’t need to have a ton of stuff to feel functional, but you still want to have some things that will lighten the mood.

Home Office Design: Should You Have A Theme?

Should your home office have a theme? This is all up to you! There are some people who want a very specific theme for their home office and others who do not want a theme. The only thing to take into consideration is whether or not your theme is workplace appropriate and friendly. 

If it is, move forward!

Blue Light Glasses

Blue light glasses might be a great idea to keep handy in your home office. These glasses are used to protect your eyes from the harsh blue light produced by phones, computer screens, tablets, and more. Blue light glasses are imperative for those days when you’re staring at your screen. 

Extra Tech Space

There’s a good chance you’ll add more tech to your home office as you use it more. Be sure to save some room for additional monitors, keyboards, speakers, and more.

Even if you don’t think you’ll need it, save the space. You never know what the future holds and what you’ll be asked to use – soon, you may have a huge monitor you’ll need to accommodate!

As an HR leader, you should know to expect the unexpected.

Great Office Supplies

What office is complete without great office supplies? The cool thing about a home office is that you don’t have to worry about people taking them! Splurge and get yourself the pens you really like!

Chargers, Chargers, Chargers

You’re always looking for chargers, and there’s nothing worse than a charger that unplugs regularly or doesn’t reach. Ensure you think about your chargers when setting up your office. We suggest getting a second set so that you aren’t moving your chargers from one room to another.

Great Lighting Makes a Difference

Having good lighting in your office can change everything. Fluorescent lights, like you might find in a traditional office, are not the best idea, but you want brighter lights so that you can see and stay awake. Dim lighting may hurt your eyesight over time and can make you feel sleepier.

If you have a ton of Zoom meetings, invest in a ring light! 

Walking Pads: Good or Bad?

Should you use a walking pad in your home office? This is a question that you need to answer for yourself. For many people, the idea of trying to walk and do work at the same time is dangerous. Other people swear by walking pads and say they help them focus and stay on track.

You’ll have to decide this for yourself, but remember that safety should always be your primary concern. You also want to think about whether or not people will think walking on a walking pad during a meeting, for example, is rude.

Cover It Up

Does your home office get cold? Have a cover or sweater near you so that you can grab it and put it on throughout the day. This might seem like an afterthought, but most people complain that their office is too cold, so having something nearby to keep things warm can be a big help

Stay Hydrated

How can you stay hydrated in your home office? People will use going to get a drink of water as a way to talk to coworkers or take a break when working from the office, but your home office typically doesn’t have coworkers. Buy yourself a big cup or water bottle, put a small refrigerator that you fill with water in your home office, or get yourself a water cooler!

Whatever you do, don’t spend your day sipping coffee – your organs and teeth will thank you!

Emergency Granola Bars

Keeping a few emergency granola bars in your home office may sound silly, but it can actually be a lifesaver. Working from home makes us think we have to work twice as hard and that we can’t take breaks – you definitely can take a break and need to, but sometimes you won’t.

That’s where those granola bars come in handy. Keep your blood sugar steady and ensure you aren’t skipping meals in the name of productivity.

Pictures & Reminders

What keeps you going at the end of the day? Adding some reminders about what you’re working for or towards can help you through the hardest days. Whether you are dreaming about owning a beach house or putting your children through college, having those small reminders is critical.

If you don’t want to have these items in view of your camera during meetings, keep that in mind when hanging photos or putting things up. However, we suggest doing something to keep yourself motivated. Even adding those silly motivational posters from high school can help!

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