A Very Sweet Trakstar Team Outing this Holiday Season

Posted by Lauren • December 18, 2015 (Last modified June 6, 2022) • 1 min read

This December, the Trakstar team got to explore Theo Chocolate, a local chocolate company here in Seattle. We had an awesome afternoon of team bonding, chocolate trivia and, of course, plenty of tastings! A big thank you to the Theo team for having us, inspiring us and sharing your chocolate with the world. We would highly suggest you visit their chocolate factory if you are ever in Seattle. Below are some photos from our adventure.

Wishing you all a very happy holiday season!


Theo Factory, outside

[Aaron, Mack and Spencer waiting for our tour to begin. The factory is located in the Fremont area of Seattle.]


Posing as a chocolate bar.

[Michelle, Aaron, Kalley and a surprise cameo by Mack from inside Theo.]


In our hair nets inside the factory.

[The whole team in our hair nets, and beard nets, waiting to start our tour. We know we look good.]


Matt and Julie mapping the journey.

[Matt and Julie mapping out the chocolate journey from bean to bar.]


Chocolate rocket Liftoff!

[Our gift from Theo Chocolate at the end of the tour. A chocolate rocket that goes perfectly with our Liftoff theme.]


Posing in front of the Fremont dinosaur.

[Lauren and Michelle with the Fremont dinosaur topiary; we couldn’t pass up this photo op.]

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