Performance Appraisal process not getting done?

Posted by Julie • October 27, 2014 (Last modified June 2, 2022) • 1 min read

Is the performance appraisal process broken at your organization? Here are some signs:

    • Managers do not complete the performance appraisal process without prodding
    • Appraisals are partially done and never closed
    • Expectations change and the performance appraisal process is put on hold
    • Executive Management offers little support
    • Managers wait for an employee issue and conduct an appraisal out of the blue
    • Organizations struggle to set goals, give feedback, and conduct reviews…but they don’t receive it, so they avoid performance appraisals.

Reading your life story?

Try these things:

  1. Focus on rhythm. Consider a focal point performance appraisal process instead of date of hire appraisals. Focal points create synergy.
  2. Include a competency in every manager’s appraisal, Completes the Performance Appraisals on time. Give it some weight.
  3. Provide training to managers. Teach them how to conduct appraisals, how to provide feedback, how to ask questions during an appraisal.
  4. The stick.  Estimate unemployment compensation. Share this with your executive team. Money talks!
  5. The carrot. Can your organization give an incentive to top peformers?
  6. Get employee buy-in. Teach employees to track goals and take notes. It will make appraisals easier for managers!

Good luck.

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