Trakstar Engagement Feature Update May 2019

Posted by Dave • May 21, 2019 • 2 min read

We’re excited to share some new updates to our Trakstar Engagement module! The module helps organizations get valuable insights into employee engagement through frequent check-ins, surveys, and polls. We’ve been hard at work expanding two key areas of our offering: the Company Pulse Survey and the powerful reporting that comes out of it.

Company Pulse Survey

As a really exciting addition to the engagement tool, you’ll now find pre-built Company Pulse Survey content ready to be used. Backed by research, the survey questions highlight the drivers of employee satisfaction and provide tangible results you can use to make the right changes. Today’s socially complex and challenging contexts make engagement in the workplace incredibly difficult to understand and explain, let alone come up with meaningful steps to measure and improve—and we’re building the tools to help you with that.

We took a fresh approach to employee engagement, developing a survey framework to get to the root of what truly motivates people in the workplace. Our questions and cadence provide you with a holistic view of your employees’ experience. What you get is a tool that incorporates the latest research findings and industry trends, in addition to the lessons we’ve learned from the hundreds of thousands of performance review cycles facilitated through Trakstar. Now, you can start getting these crucial insights into engagement with the click of a button.

Unlike other survey solutions, we help you identify the areas—unique to your people and organization—that affect the satisfaction and performance of your employees by focusing on the key, evidence-based drivers of engagement.

Powerful reporting

In addition to our collection of topics and questions, we support you with the analytic tools to help you understand your results in real-time so that you are empowered with actionable insights to strengthen engagement in a meaningful way:

  • Real-time interactive dashboards
  • Engagement driver analytics
  • Time-series analyses and group-level comparisons
  • Easy to use configuration controls to quickly narrow down results

You can now precisely measure the engagement of your workforce and identify the areas your organization can improve.

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