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BambooHR Alternatives

Searching for alternatives to BambooHR? Look no further than Trakstar! We believe people are happier and healthier when they know their work matters. So we built a product that helps companies align goals, give instant feedback to peers, and make sure reviews are done well. Request a demo to learn more.

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Empowering hr professionals at over 3,000 companies

Why Should You Choose Trakstar?

With a visually appealing, rich feature set, Trakstar’s modern interface allows authorized users to run reports assessing performance history and performance ranking, in addition to other crucial performance-based segments. Flexible appraisal forms make it easy to create workflows and set SMART goals to meet the needs of your organization. And with Trakstar’s continuous feedback loop, better communication between managers and employees is fostered, and high levels of effectiveness are achieved.

Simplify Performance Management

Trakstar continues to simplify performance management with: 

  • Goal Setting – set and cascade goals for the department — or across the company — while allowing employees to track their day-to-day contributions
  • 360-Degree Feedback – with only an email address, managers can request employee feedback in real-time from peers, clients, or partners
  • Performance Reviews – discover issues before they become problems and cultivate your high performers with easy-to-read reports
  • Succession Planning – plan for at-risk positions and prepare existing talent for growth


Give your Human Resources team the tools they need to make smarter, more strategic decisions. Ensure that they can create a shared digital repository for employee goals and expectations and increase efficiency in order to complete reviews on time and in a fair and consistent manner. Sign up for a free demo of Trakstar today, a leader in cloud-based performance management software, and take your performance management to a whole new level.

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