Performance Management

Tips and tricks of performance review management

The Benefits of Qualitative Employee Performance Reviews

Qualitative employee performance reviews are often viewed as an outdated practice. It used to be that an employee would be evaluated on a series of generic competencies that weren’t directly related to their job. Unsurprisingly, they received vague feedback that didn’t quite help them learn how to improve their performance. With the emergence of modern […]

19 March 2021

Quantitative Employee Reviews and Performance Management

There is a common saying in business, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Performance reviews are meant to help employees improve, but all too often, an employee leaves their meeting with their manager unsure of exactly how they can get better at their job. This happens because a quarterly or annual evaluation […]

14 December 2020

Conducting Employee Check-In Meetings (Includes an Employee Check-In Template)

Modern performance management goes beyond the occasional performance review. Today’s organizations ensure managers and direct reports meet regularly to discuss priorities, challenges, and how the employee can improve their approach to work. Check-in meetings are usually conducted weekly but can occur every two weeks or monthly, depending on the role. A check-in shouldn’t just be […]

20 October 2020

Employee Performance Reviews in a Flat Organizational Structure

Creating a performance review process is straightforward in most organizations. Managers are responsible for completing evaluations and meeting with direct reports to share results. There isn’t any friction as long as performance management best practices are followed. After all, employees expect feedback from their manager. At least, that is how it works in a traditional […]

18 September 2020

Best Practices for Modern Performance Management

For a long time, organizations took a simplistic approach to evaluating employee performance. Once a year, managers filled out the same appraisal form for each direct report and the results were used to determine raises, promotions, and other workforce management decisions. Employees unsurprisingly grew to resent this process. The annual review had major ramifications but […]

29 May 2020

Introducing the Best Version of Trakstar (Yet)

Today, we’re excited to announce that Trakstar will have a new and improved look. Our customers will enjoy all the great performance management features they know and love, organized in a modern, simple, and clean interface and navigation.  Here is a preview of the improvements you can expect to see the next time you log […]

22 April 2020

Stack Ranking: Should Your Organization Use it in Employee Evaluations?

Using stack ranking, every employees’ performance review score is ordered and grouped. The group with the highest scores are deemed top performers. These are the employees who consistently exceed expectations and deliver better results than their peers. The largest portion of employees fall into the middle group and are considered adequate at their jobs—neither overly […]

03 April 2020

Creating the Right Employee Evaluation Rating Scale

At the heart of every organization’s employee review process is the rating scale. It’s the medium in which managers and other raters express how well an employee performs at their job, conducts themselves in the workplace, and embodies the organization’s values. It also provides a system for quantifying evaluations and generating data for succession and […]

21 January 2020

Introducing the Trakstar API

  Today, we’re excited to announce a new feature that will help our customers get even more out of our software—the launch of our Application Programming Interface (API). Using our API, Trakstar can communicate and share details with your other employee management and HR software. Automating data entry frees you to use Trakstar to focus […]

06 January 2020

Evaluating Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Employee Performance Reviews

Think about your favorite people you’ve worked with. Yes, they were good at their jobs but that is probably not why you remember them so fondly. In all likelihood, it was the attitude they brought to work every day that stands out. Great colleagues are friendly, supportive, encouraging, and an overall positive presence in the […]

12 December 2019

Trakstar Receives Three Awards from FinancesOnline

Big news! We’re excited to share that Trakstar has been recognized for being a leader in the employee performance management industry. FinancesOnline has presented us with their Expert’s Choice 2019, Great User Experience 2019, and Supreme Software 2019 awards in the performance appraisal software category. FinancesOnline is the fastest-growing independent review platform for B2B SaaS […]

26 November 2019

Performance Management Helps Retain Talent

Employees have more job options than ever and there are an increasing number of individuals who see job hopping as an opportunity for fulfillment and career growth. In this current climate of increased employee turnover, it’s more important than ever to have an organization that is laser focused on managing the performance of its workers […]

03 October 2019

Performance Management vs Performance Reviews

There are countless podcasts and articles out there that shed light on the negative feelings that can be associated with the performance review process. Most of us can probably relate to this feeling at some point in our careers. Most of us can also probably see the need for a performance review. Imagine if we […]

24 September 2019

Tips for Reviewing Appraisals with Your Team

So you’ve done it. You’ve spent the past year working closely with your team, giving them feedback and working towards long term goals. You’ve documented that feedback and have specific, concrete examples of what your team does well and what they can do to improve. You have feedback from peer reviews and each employee’s self […]

20 September 2019

Performance Reviews: Why They Matter More than Ever

For many companies, performance reviews can be an afterthought until the process goes live, and many employees may feel forced to write glowing reviews about colleagues they hardly interact with. Because of this, performance reviews are often overlooked or not even completed at all.  However, if we look at statistics focusing on what it is […]

10 September 2019

When an Employee Rejects Their Performance Review

It’s uncommon but when the performance review process is finished, an employee will sometimes raise concerns with their evaluation results. They may challenge their manager in the review meeting, take their complaint to HR, or go as far as to refuse to formally accept their evaluation. The good news is much can be done to […]

06 August 2019

Adding Culture and Values into Performance Reviews

There is more that goes into job success than carrying out role responsibilities and completing projects. Organizations are successful when employees work well together, support each other, and buy into the long-term mission. That is why it’s so important to ensure your team members embody your culture and values in everything they do.  However, many […]

08 July 2019

Succession Planning with Trakstar

The following is a guest interview, written and contributed by Janine Nicole Truitt, Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC Succession Planning is an important component of the health of a business. In order to be a sustainable enterprise you not only need to have a tried and true method for attracting and hiring […]

18 March 2019

Effective Word Choice for Employee Performance Review Forms

While employee performance reviews are an important activity for any organization, there can be a negative sentiment among the people who participate in them. It goes without saying the average employee is apprehensive about having their performance put under a microscope. But many managers are also put off by a typical assessment process. The time […]

04 March 2019

Post Employee Performance Review Action Items

Your organization finished its latest round of performance reviews. Congratulations! Your employees were likely happy to learn how they’re doing and are now looking forward to getting back to their usual routine. But if you oversee the review process, there is still work to be done. You uncovered a lot of interesting insights by conducting […]

28 January 2019

The Value of Online Employee Performance Reviews

Organizations are successful when the entire staff performs to their full potential. Every employee needs to put their best foot forward each and every day. However, effectively evaluating employee performance is easier said than done. Human resources and organizational leadership invest a lot of time and effort overseeing the employee evaluation process. Unfortunately, these assessments […]

28 December 2018